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Year: 1997/11
Ref No.: 69117
Size: 36 x 52
Accessories :
  • Speed 15.000 c/h
  • Semi-automatic perfecting device 1/4; 5/0
  • CP TRONIC self diagnostic, control and monitor console
  • CPC 1-04 (Ink, axial, circumferential and diagonal remote control with flash memory card and electronic pen)
  • Autoplate : semiautomatic plate change
  • Adjusting side lays control by CP TRONIC
  • Electronic double sheet control
  • ZMK electronic side lays control
  • Alcolor damping
  • Technotrans refrigeration
  • Rollers wash up device controlled by CPTronic
  • Blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices by CPTronic
  • Mediprint powder spray
  • Plus Version
In production

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