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Sunday, 08 November 2009 00:00

Heidelberg 8 & 10 col. the best investment today !

10/15 years ago printers had to pass from 2 to 4 col. It was pratically impossible to survive without a four colours; today is very difficult to be competitiveness on the market with only a 4 colours. We sold near 30 long machines between 8 & 10 colours, perfectly running also after 5 or 10 years they started thanks to our excellent post sale service and thanks to the excellent job of overhauling carried on the same machines. Some of our client jointed also the second 8 or 10 colours, sometime also the third one ! (Grafiche Peruzzo, Litoservice, etc,.) - all happy, all successful case history companies ! .. All second hand machines fully rebuilt like new ! Very difficult, or better, mission impossible to install a long machine not rebuilt ! The parts worned are too much ! Nosense to changhe them in part with risk to change all of them (rollers, grippers, pad grippers, perfect jackets, transfert jackets, etc,..) during the long life of the machine facing costs five times more expensive then a rebuilt machine ! Ask us informations about our programm of overhauling and services! You can count on it !