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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 01:00

Camporese sold CD74-4-C to "Grafiche Aeffe" (Lecce - Italy)

This CD74-4-C is the second machine sold by Camporese to "Grafiche Aeffe" of Parabita, near Lecce. Flexibility of this machine CD74 (15.000 sheet/h, also in perfecting "fully" automatic,
carton until 0,8 mm thickness, double diameter impression cylinders, air transfert, etc,.), are really amazing. The machine can work long job so that much more important "short" jobs, tipical of italian market, with a lot of makeready, thanks also to Heidelberg Axis Control spectophotometer and densitometer device. As usual the machine has been passed through our process of refurbishment in our
Camporese Refurbishment Center that guaranties a rreliable machine similar to a new
machine at near about of half cost! Mr. Antonio, thanks for relaying on Camporese TEAM

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