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Wednesday, 07 May 2014 00:00

Camporese sold SM102-10P to OGM of Padova -Italy


"O.G.M" - Officine Grafiche Muzzio" - of Padova,  one of the higher quality printer in Nordh Italy, bought a ten colours Heidelberg SM102-10P Preset Plus Feeder & Preset Plus Delivery, full optional, refurbished to zero copy Camporese. We sold to this printer in the past two Heidelberg 102-5 and two Heidelberg SM102-8P. With this ten colour they renwed the trustness in Camporese organization and this is synonim our machines work well without problems for many, many years ! After 30 days from the starting the machine has already been printing with no interuption 2.5 mio. impressions with very high quality !

Thanks to the owners of O.G.M for relying on Camporese again !




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