Year: 2005
Ref No.: 68706
Size: 72 x 102
 HEIDELBERG CD 102-5 + LX Size 72 x 102
Accessories :
  • Speed 15.000 c/h
  • CP 2000 touch screen consolle
  • N.ro 2 Eltex ion blowers on feeder
  • New design with added 3 suctions for transport of paper
  • Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control
  • Front sensor on flap of the feeder
  • Electromechanic pull lay control to adjust all the wheels feeder
  • Multiple-sheet detector/ tear-off
  • Multiple sheet control/Forwarding roller
  • Suction belt feeder with 3 sections of transport of sheets to the frontal registers
  • Pneumatic side register control with integrated auto cleaning and double shee control with direct system
  • SLOW DOWN : system to slow the sheet down then 65% on feeder
  • Double sheet detector - pulling device
  • Alcolor VARIO SYSTEM damping
  • COMBISTAR CAN: Tecnotrans ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + AlcoSmart
  • Air transfer System Venturi
  • Roller wash up device controlled by CP2000
  • MODULAR blanket cylinder washing device by CP2000
  • MODULAR impression cylinder washing device by CP2000
  • Inking unit with remote distributor-roller adjustment
  • PRESET PLUS DELIVERY: a lot of preset functions and memorization, new system of aereodinamic grippers in delivery, new system of slow down by CP2000, new panel in delivery
  • Varnishing unit 550L/H, with cooking register, with 10 cm³ x m² cells chambered doctor blade system
  • TRESU AQUA L10 Coating Circulator
  • DRYSTAR 3000 COMBINATION VIA CAN OPEN (Version 3 moduls) pos 1. slide-in unit IR/HA knives hot air, pos 2. HA knives hot air, pos. 3 EX/CA enviromental air
  • Powder Spray Weko AP230 Medium-Class
  • Intercom system: Microphone communication
  • AIRSTAR : central air box air cooled
  • SCROLLSTAR: Atlas Copco compressor
In production
Jul 2019

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