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Established in 2012, after leaving Heidelberg Italy, Intelligent Service staff, located in Rho, Milano, has been servicing and repairing Heidelberg presses ever since.

Specifically founded with the objective of assisting the numerous offset machines sold by Camporese in Lombardia, Intelligent Service assist all owners and users of every model of Heidelberg machines. 70% share owned by Camporese Macchine Grafiche and 30% by Christian Cassani, Intelligent Service is servicing the best graphic industries, such as : Nava Printing (Milano), Cosmografica Albertini (Milano), Grafical (Verona), Villaggio Grafica (Padova), etc,. 

We are Heidelberg trained, having served full apprenticeships and work on the full range of machinery. We have 15+ years experience in the industry and joining with Camporese 60 years we reach a 75 years huge experience in repairing Heidelberg machines ! We cover an extensive area with rapid response times for breakdowns and only charge a fixed callout rate. 

 We carry many common parts on board and have access to a comprehensive range of parts and circuit boards to assist us in fault diagnosis and for sale at discounted rates.


The technical team meets the highest standards in the field and is coordinated by the Technical Director and CEO Christian Cassani, who made his experience in electronic engineering at Heidelberg AG in Germany.

The company Camporese Macchine Grafiche Spa shares with Intelligent Service 25 specialized technicians and the largest ready-for-delivery electronical and mechanical spare parts warehouse in Italy, in order to support the new I.S. Service and satisfy quickly efficiently any customer request.
Intelligent Service offers many updated procedures regarding its various packages and key solutions, among them, must be mentioned the immediate loan of:

electronic boards

and anything needed to restart in real time our customer’s machines.


Now you can see directly in our web availability of main electrical and mecanical spare parts for sale !

visit: intelligent-service.it/e-commerce.html

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