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NON-STOP for Heidelberg Speedmaster

Non-Stop upgrades considered impossible to make or too expensive to buy new.... .... now available with Camporese !

Many times we had to address the problem our customer asked us machines with Non-Stop Device.

The new and original solution is very, very expensive and according to our experience near impossible to obtain a feedback from the manufacturing.

Thanks to our engineers, we are able now to manufacture a perfect NON-STOP device for your Heidelberg machines. The system works like the original!

It is a Non-Invasive mechanism that is placed upon the delivery of the machine and fixed easily without modifying the structure of the machine (no welding, no holes, etc,..)

With no touching or tampering with the original parts and structure of the same machine.

For further information:
Tel. 0039 049 767166


On the picture Heidelberg XL105-6LX upgraded with Camporese Non-Stop Feeder & Delivery