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RSQC Refurbishment Service Quality Control

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RSQC Camporese work programme, Controls (C) the Quality (Q) of Refurbishment (R) and the relative Service (S) stages in order to guarantee a reliable second hand machine at an equivalent level to that of a new machine. Our programme is based on the know-how acquired by Camporese in 60 years of experience applied both for Fully Refurbished and Reconditioned Heidelberg machines. 

Fully Refurbished Heidelberg


"Zero" copy Camporese is the highest level of refurbishment you can find on the market allows you to save money even in the long life period of your machine. Every part of the machine is: 

- carefully cleaned, painted, checked, adjusted; changing of new and original Heidelberg spare parts : fully refurbishment of feeder head, new chain on feeder, new grippers on in-feed ranger, new belts on feeder, new transmission chain on feeder, new brake on feeder, grippers and pad grippers of impression cylinder, grippers and pad grippers of transfer cylinders, grippers and pad grippers of the perfecting device, new chromed transfert jackets, new impression cylinder perfect jackets after perfecting device, new chain of delivery, new Bottcher rollers, rectified on rilsan rollers, re-chromed of cromed rollers, re-mat of mat rollers, new corteco rings on ink and damping units, autoplate bar refurbished with sprayed of diamant powder, new autoplate pistons, service on main motor (new bearing, new brushes), refurbishment on each Dublin valves on ink temperature, new air tubes, etc,.
Part found in excellent shape such as corteco rings, chains on feeder/delivery, grippers of transfer cylinders, etc,. will be kept in the machine.
If exausted they will be replaced. 

Reconditioned Heidelberg

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Machines can also be prepared in excellent shape with lower costs of refurbishment thanks to their good original conditions. In this case refurbishment process includes fully cleaning, checking, recover rollers, changing some new spare parts when necessary according to our long experience. This kind of refurbishment assure excellent printing result, helping you when budget are tight and deadlines are critical so it isn't always feasible to purchase a machine fully refurbished at zero copy. 

Spare part & refurbishment job list for each machine we sell

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At last, transparency in the second hand market, certification of refurbishing jobs, replaced spare parts list and the guarantees issued, allow the customer, right from the estimate stage, to quantify and evaluate the value of the offer and therefore the advantages of the investment .  

Visible in production in our Show-Room 

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Most of the machines after refurbishment can be seen printing in our show-room with possibility to test their performance before leaving Camporese Refurbishment Center !  





Our reference

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Goodness of Heidelberg machine Refurbished to Zero Copy by Camporese are testified by the results achieved. With more then 1.300 Heidelberg Speedmaster units, “Refurbished and installed” only in the last 10 years, sold to some of the most prestigious companies of the sector, we guarantee perfect technical knowledge of the machines dealt with. 


Our Service

 The RSQC method also includes management of the following services linked to after-sales:

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- Installation: 
  on the customer’s premises and check of perfect functioning of all
  its mechanical and electronic parts with printing tested by a first suitable job by our highly  qualified personnel.  

- Instruction: 
  Camporese Macchine Grafiche can train your staff on the functioning of the
  machine during the testing stage, and also give all the recommendations and suggestions 
  regarding periodic checks and maintenance. All in order to maintain maximum quality. 

- Training: 
  with regard to the aspects linked to printing, we can organise, at the customer’s
  request, a short training course, held by our highly specialised professional printer, with the selection of the best-performing printing products on the market.

- Guarantee: 
  for every refurbished machine, a good-functioning guarantee is given with  coverage for six months, at no extra charge     to the customer for any possible assistance supplied, as regards the costs of both labour and spare parts. The quality and   the professional skill of the refurbishing realise drastic reduction in the need for technical intervention, as if the machine     were new, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

- Non-stop assistance:   
  this is our organisation’s answer to the demand for prompt technical assistance, thanks to the team of technicians,  composed of both our own employees and  self-employed specialists, always available.

- Workshop/Working Department: 
  we can carry out any fitting job whatsoever, thanks to the extraordinary skill of our employees.

For more information about the certified CAMPORESE ITALY refurbishment process, contact one of our dedicated team members or visit us ! Your're Welcome !


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