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Monday, 21 December 2009 00:00

Time of Balance sheets: 55 machines sold !

End of 2008 we were smelling a heavy atmosphere as concerning worldwide economic situation, above all on our sector. In fact all this prediction showed it reality and we were very worried at the beginnning, even if at the end of the year the situation for us was not so bad as predicted, maybe both thanks to our frighten, and overvaluation of this crisi.
We faced with all our power this bad period that unfotunately seems not overtaked also in 2009 and predicted for all 2010.
Our main problem was the depreciation of last two years of the machines we had bought for our stock and the difficulty to obtain the leasing for our customers. Prices of the machines sharply dropped down and with a lot of milion euro invested in our stock has been for us a battle to avoid big loss that have could been also very high. Both our excellent reputation and our financial capacity saved us!, let us practice an agressive market policy, buying machines at better prices to compensate the value of our machines already in our stock, and selling them to our very good customers who payed to us their max trustness ! With this terrible situation we have been able to close the fiscal year without losses, with a turnover then near 20 milion euro, closing the same a lot of deals also with new customers, selling excellent machines at good prices fully rebuilt at zero copies, too ! We close the 2009 with 55 machines sold and installed, we remind the last ones a CD102-5 LX to our strong client "Sate of Ferrara" and a CD102-5 to "Sile of Treviso". Banks are not going to finance printers as a matter of fact they lost a lot of money in financing new machines, with depreciation of 50% after only three years, but fortunately our rebuilt machines thanks to its good quality/price ratio have been financed, even if with some difficulties, both because our customers deserve it and the same main leasing companis know very well Camporese and they feel at easy with him ! With this last news we wish you and your family a Marry Christmas and an Happy New Year.


Camporese Macchine Grafiche S.p.A
Via Del Santo, 243 - 35010 - Limena (Padova) Italy
+39 049 767166
+39 049 767629
Partita Iva IT03429400280
Euro 2.000.000,00 issued and fully paid-up share capital
Euro 5.495.000,00 net asset


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