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Why are the printing and paper converting industries choosing alternative energy today?

Printing and paper converting companies are highly energy consuming!

In order to offer further value to our customers in terms of savings, thanks to a successful experience with one of our most important customers in the province of Milan, we have decided to enter the sector of alternative energy for our customers. 

We collaborate with the leading Italian company operating in the field of Generating Sets, Co-generation and Tri-generation plants. 

Given the increasing demand for energy by national companies, cogeneration using gas / diesel but above all gas, with heat recovery is certainly a targeted and intelligent choice that over time brings satisfaction and above all revenues; the average return of a co-trigenerator is less than two years which leads to a positive revenue stream for all subsequent years. 

"Turnkey" supplies without exceptions or limitations dictated by the difficulties of the public network or by overly expensive fixed costs. 

Each customer will then be able to decide independently whether to supply himself with public energy or from the cogenerator but at no cost he can analyze the costs and benefits based on the energy needs.


  • 4.0 technology
    For these systems it is also possible to obtain all the advantages made available by technology 4.0
  • Excellent solution also for energy saving
    Still others, after having tried our generators and having experienced the savings compared to the network, have moved on to purchase.
  • Goodbye dependence on the electricity grid
    Many times we have happened to be ready with the delivery of the machine but have to deal with the bureaucracy of the energy companies that systematically delay the increase in power to be supplied to the customer.
  • The electrical cabin is no longer needed
    It allows you to avoid incurring the high costs for the construction of the electrical substation.




Our partner is able to provide both rental and sale generators with a range that covers small and large powers, from 2 to 12,000 KW.

With silenced generators starting from 15 to 3000 kW, today it is possible to cover all the needs of the sector of the graphic and paper converting industries of all sizes.

Solutions with additional tanks and cisterns can be supplied to ensure high autonomy, special voltages and frequencies, transformers, resistive loads and power cables for connections.

Logistics is managed by its own internal division with over 10 vehicles to provide a quick response to various needs, having our own. vehicles with cranes up to 300 quintals and specialized technicians for the commissioning of the machines where required.




For the co and trigeneration sector, customizer power solution is born, that is to say that we analyze and design systems ranging from simple generator set powered by traditional fossil fuels, to more complex energy station systems, which can be the 20, 50 or 120 megawatts and plants powered by new generation fuels.

Customizer power solution, therefore, should be understood as an attitude to adapt to customer needs. This has allowed us to customize very complex applications with very high yields, with winning results on the market as they are extremely innovative. Over 60 years of experience with tens of thousands of systems installed all over the world.

Customizer power solution is fast not only in the delivery of the systems but is present at the assistance level with a constantly online service network able to move around the world and quickly reach both the plant located in the desert and the one applied on a ship. in the middle of the ocean, minimizing downtime caused by a breakdown.



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