Bruno Camporese, 1st generation entrepreneur

Our History


The '20s

storia01 The Officina artigiana Camporese Bruno was founded in Padova by Armando’s father, an artist in wrought iron work, not a well-paid craft at that time.
Over the years, it became a mechanical workshop, building mechanical components for well-known Italian industries

The '50s

storia02 max The son Armando, coming into contact with the world of printing by chance, understood the potential development of the sector, and in 1953 founded his own company, the Officina Camporese Macchine Grafiche. At first it supplied assistance and overhauling for printing machines on behalf of third parties; soon it began to import several used Heidelberg and Roland machines from Germany. In 1963 Armando built the company’s first shed in the industrial district of Limena. This was the period when the slogan "Either new or Camporese", was created, to emphasise the determination and the high level of the services offered by the Workshop.

The '80s

nuova sede Gamma Graf Thanks to the growth in business volumes and human resources, the company soon gained fame throughout the whole printing world for its solidity, correctness and professional skill. Armando’s sons entered the business, first Roberto and then Bruno, who learned to love their work, and who created strong partnerships with foreign companies. These turned out to be of strategic importance over the years, and led the company to develop greater productivity. In 1986 a second workshop in Padova was bought, the Gamma Graf Srl, which today has an admirable modern servicing structure with specialist Heidelberg technicians, and which gives further support to the management of the technical aspects of Camporese.

The '90s

storia04 max The Camporese headquarters take on their present form, with the building of a new shed, 3.000 sq. m, next to the existing one, with modern instruments for manoeuvring, cleaning and painting the groups. This expansion allowed for further improvements in the working processes and in company organisation (commercial, financial and administrative aspects). 
Today, thanks to continual improvement in its own work processes and its consolidated experience, the company can operate with standardised methods in order to guarantee the customer increasingly high level services at competitive prices.

2003 - the Fiftieth anniversary

alloro 50

50 years in the printing sector, with the know-how gained from about 4,000 printing groups overhauled and installed, and the fourth generation that is now preparing for another fifty years of success. 


  • Armando Camporese, the founder, passed away on August 2011. His life was totally consecrated to his company and his family  
  • Enrico Camporese, Roberto Camporese’s son, joints in Camporese Macchine Grafiche
  • ERP SAP for improving Camporese process automation


banner-180x150-2 Camporese set up togheter with Cristian Cassani, ex chief of electronic post sale service in Heidelberg agency, the Intelligent Service Srl, located in Rho-Milano, supporting post sale service in Lombardia (not only!) where Camporese hold an important group of Heidelberg installation to some of the most important italian printing companies such as Cosmografica Albertini, GoldPrint, Bramucci, Omniagrafica, etc, togheter with very important printers such as Nava, etc, that takes advantage by competence of Camporese staff.


alloro 60
60th anniversary of the Camporese Macchine Grafiche!



Technical Innovation with Fujifilm by Camporese: Camporese is exclusive partner for Italy to distribute the new Jet Press 720 S ink jet digital machine with post sale service directly from Camporese Technical Department



Technical Innovation with PrintabLED technology: Camporese is exclusive partner to distribute and installing the best LED-Uv dryer solutions to upgrade every offset machine service directly from Camporese Technical Department


lithec1 Technical Innovation with Lithec Technology: Camporese is exclusive partner for Italy to distribute and installing the best Quality Control systems to upgrade every offset machine service directly from Camporese Technical Department



Merge of Gamma Graf in Camporese


Camporese Macchine Grafiche S.p.A
Via Del Santo, 243 - 35010 - Limena (Padova) Italy
+39 049 767166
+39 049 767629
Partita Iva IT03429400280
Euro 2.000.000,00 issued and fully paid-up share capital
Euro 5.495.000,00 net asset


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