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The Camporese Refurbishment Process


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The first Camporese slogan of the 1970s , very demanding and very promising, already underlined with which diligence and determination our founder used to offer his machines to the market and related service; after many years, even the market agrees with that essential, the truth to this day for those who do not want to waste their time. daily research of the best quality, at a lower and the timely delivery, are our mission”.

Over 65 years of experience in press refurbishment makes a significant difference on the market












Camporese Refurbishment Process with related service is based on labor standards acquired in more than 65 years of experience in press refurbishment; during this time, our Team has processed literally thousands of used Heidelberg presses from single color to ten color sheet-fed offset.

Our detailed, certified process ensures that your press returns to you in like-new condition, press refurbished to zero impressions, ready to provide you with years of additional, reliable performance service and long life at a fraction of a new price. 

Machines can also be prepared in excellent shape with lower costs of refurbishment when they have found just originally in good shape before dismantling (normally recent and low impressions count machines). In this case refurbishment process includes fully cleaning, checking, recover rollers, changing some new spare parts when necessary according to our long experience. This kind of refurbishment assure excellent printing result, helping you when budget are tight and deadlines are critical so it isn't always feasible to purchase a machine fully refurbished at zero impressions. 


 Spare part & refurbishment job list for each machine we sell

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  • At last, transparency in the second hand market
  • certification of refurbishing jobs
  • replaced spare parts list and the guarantees issued
  • right from the estimate stage, to quantify and evaluate the value of the offer and therefore the advantages of the investment 


Every step of the process under severe control

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Matteo and Manuel during a calibration of perfecting bar of a Heidelberg SM102 with special tools

  • Initial Preparation
    Printing units and all parts and components are completely disassembled and stripped
    All parts are systematically marked and palletized for each individual units
  • Inspection
    Part by part shall be deeply inspected to ensure they meet Camporese’ highest quality standards.
  • Immaculate cleaning and painting process
    All grease, dirty particles, stubborn inks and stains shall be removed during cleaning process using only eco products, skilled people and special cleaning room
    The immaculately deep clean press is then perfectly painted to original like new together with all its parts and components to ensures the delivery of a top-quality press
  • Mechanic refurbishment, centesimal adjustment and new spare parts
    All the parts worn out shall be replaced with new original Heidelberg spare parts and re-assembled by our skilled engineers able to refurbished and centesimal adjustment to basic manufacturer parameters Example refurbishment process on a Heidelberg SM102 perfecting units (apri pagina link a questo contenuto:
    fully refurbishment of feeder head, new chain on feeder, new grippers on in-feed ranger, new belts on feeder, new transmission chain on feeder, new brake on feeder, grippers
    and pad grippers of impression cylinder, grippers and pad grippers of transfer cylinders, grippers and pad grippers of the perfecting device, new chromed transfer jackets,
    new impression cylinder perfect jackets after perfecting device, new chain of delivery, new rubber rollers, rectified on rilsan rollers, re-chromed of chromed rollers, re-mat of mat rollers,
    new corteco rings on ink and damping units, autoplate bar refurbished with sprayed of diamant powder, new autoplate pistons, service on main motor (new bearing, new brushes),
    refurbishment on each Dublin valves on ink temperature, new air tubes, etc.,. When parts are found in excellent shape they will be lying on the machine.
    If exhausted they will be replaced).
  • Improvements, adjusting and reparation
    The individual components are also upgraded with critical engineering improvements, delivering like new performance and long life.
  • Deep and severe print-test, everything must run properly before shipment
    Machines refurbished sold abroad, when required, can be re-assembled for print test in our state-of-the-art demonstration showroom Camporese Refurbishment Center.
    After assembly, all units and components are checked and electronically tested to ensure consistent quality.
    We consider we have done our job properly only when each certified press undergoes over 350 checks to insure a quality product for our customer.
  • Final Preparation and treatment for shipment
    Prior to shipment, the press is given a final wipe-down, anti-rust treatment, is fully greased, stretch wrapped and readied for transport to the customer.

Benefits of refurbished machines by Camporese

  • from day one you can print 100% whole performance in the long run without compromising
  • very few break-downtime and after sale service thanks to the high quality of our refurbishment
  • refurbishment cost under the deferred payment (monthly!)
  • 6 months’ guarantee (only fully refurbished machines!)
  • easier access to Credit Institutions to obtaining loans with refurbished machines
  • your customer 100% satisfied for being always on time
  • refurbishment makes economic and ecologic sense

For more information about the certified CAMPORESE ITALY refurbishment process, contact one of our dedicated team members or visit us ! Your're Welcome !



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