Workshop specialized in Bobst

Technical assistance of Bobst die-cutting machines

Bobst overhauled and guaranteed with start-up for production

Since 2018 we entered into an exclusive partnership with Sergio Bocchio, owner of the Officina Meccanica SBM srl of Robecco sul Naviglio - Milan, a company with many years of experience in the technical assistance of Bobst die-cutting machines of all sizes for cardboard, stretched, corrugated, hot stamping BM and BMA and fold glue.

Thanks to this synergy we are now able to:

• select, buy and offer the best bargains on the market
• a large warehouse of permanent machines in the workshop
• overhauling and guarantee technical assistance on the proposed machines
• offer consultancy for paper-cardboard passage, die-cutting setting and hot stamping
• preventive and scheduled maintenance checks
• innovative and efficient cleaning service for the die-cutter sinkers


Here some references:

No. 1 Bobst SP 102 ER to an italina leading packaging company specialized in Pharma
No.2 Bobst SP102EII to an Italian branch of a leading packaging company specialized in Pharma locaded in Serbia

No. 1 Bobst SP142ER to an Italian leading packaging company in Rome

No. 1 Bobst SP142 E to an Indian leading packaging company

No. 1 Bobst SP102E to a printer in Rome (I)

No. 1 Bobst SP104E to a printer near Pordenone (I)

No. 1 Bobst 102 BMA and 1 Bobst SP102EII to the biggest italian printing group


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This is a TOP installation with steps at the same level and joining both machines

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After sales technical assistance 

… the most important aspect for those who buy a machine…

We intervene with speed, precision of intervention and cost-effectiveness with over 30 payroll employees to offer in a short time an always active and unique assistance service on the market:

  • mechanical technicians
  • electrician / electronics technicians
  • die-cutting and embossing technician and poses separation at the same time
  • cutting and embossing technician and simultaneously poses separation
  • hot stamping instructor and simultaneous embossing printing
  • specialized technicians for cleaning and painting machines



Repair of the various components with warranty

  • electronic boards
  • monitor
  • touchscreen monitor
  • guaranteed overhaul of vacuum-suction pumps
  • cleaning and painting of machinery


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Spare parts warehouse for Bobst unique in the world

  • bearings
  • belts
  • unibal
  • chains
  • carpets
  • hardware and consumables



Logistic, moving and handling machines

We also guarantee a complete service during internal-external movements / removals of the machines.



SBM Academy Formula 90/10 - Training of your technical staff

for operators on cutting, cutting and embossing simultaneously, extraction-separation of laying, hot stamping and embossing at the same time, we are proud to organize targeted training courses at our

Demonstration Center of Robecco sul Naviglio (Milano) with machines in operation or directly to your facility.

The lessons reserve 10% of the time for theoretical training in the classroom and the rest for laboratory practice with works of different levels of complexity, transferring as much knowledge as possible to the students.





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